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Open House in Downtown Hammonton

Saturday, November 14 begins the Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Year holiday season in downtown Hammonton! This has been a challenging year for all of us, but we live and work in a community that comes together during these times and face them head on together. Ohana means family in Hawaiian and though Hammonton is far from the beautiful islands of Hawaii we have felt the love and commitment from you, our customers, and from those who serve our community so well, helping us to coordinate our efforts to get through this as a family. And we will get to the other side together!

So I want to encourage you to shop locally when you can. Stop and see what new businesses have opened that you may not have noticed or taken time to visit. I've seen three new businesses on Central Ave just in the last month. This open house may be the opportunity you've been waiting for to experience our beautiful downtown area.

Ohana Juice Bar will be hosting a local artist, Hannah Hanselman, from 12-3 and a drawing for a nice prize that we will choose at the end of the day. The weather forecast is perfect for walking around our downtown and checking out all the fun and exciting things going on.

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